How old do I have to be to join the fun?

On a typical day, we are open for teens age 11 – 17. If you are in 6th grade with a valid school ID, but not yet 11 years old, come in with your school ID, and we can get you all set up. Our oldest teens can be 17 years and 364 days old.

What if I’m home schooled?

All teens ages 11-17 are welcome here, regardless of schooling choices. If you have a suggestion for a meet-up day for your homeschool group, let us know!

I don’t fit into that age group, but I still want to be a part of the fun!

Don’t worry! There will be special events that you will be invited to. We have concerts, Art Shows, Fundraiser Events, and more. Keep an eye out on our Calendar and Facebook page

Will my kids be supervised?

We let teens know when they first sign in that they are responsible for themselves while at the Silver Orange. Our staff is highly experienced in working with youth in a wide variety of areas, and we seek to maintain a safe, comfortable environment where teens can make the space their own. Staff are always on hand to remind everyone of our House Rules, and are available to offer support when needed. Sometimes, we will teach classes or host a special event.

Can my teen do his or her homework at The Silver Orange?

We wouldn’t say NO to a teen who wants to do his or her homework, but remember- this is a place for fun! It might be hard to concentrate with all the excitement going on, but where there’s a will, there’s a way! The Silver Orange does provide tutoring and assistance, just give us a call for more information; there are also  lounging areas and table surfaces that are available to students.

Can I host a birthday party or event at the Silver Orange?

Yes! Give us a call, and we can set something up. Times and dates depend on previously scheduled events.

I’m hungry. Do you serve food?

Yes! We have a snack bar with sweet and savory choices, drinks and other goodies. Prices range from $.25 to $2.50. Cash and debit/credit cards are accepted. Participants with multi-day passes get a special discount at our snack bar!

Where are we located?

We are located on 57th street between J street and H street; Between KJ Paws and U Barre .

Do we offer Tours?

Yes! Just come in and get a free tour from one our staff!

Will my teen be able to make friends?

Yes! A lot of our participants have varied interests and might have something in common with your teen, they might find their best friend here!

What is The Urban Garden?

The Urban Garden is one of the classes we offer at The Silver Orange! The participants are able to take care and harvest food from our garden , and they could even take it home!